Our people


Jeremy Malaxos

Director / Licensee

If it is professional services you are after supported by honest and timely feedback then Jeremy ticks the box.

Importantly he has sat on the side of seller coordinating agents and therefore understands the frustration sellers have in knowing which agent to choose and secondly extracting feedback and the desired result.  Property is what Jeremy knows and is underscored by his valuation accreditation which dates back to 2000.

Over 18 years Jeremy has gained broad knowledge and experience that includes Sales and Marketing, Asset Management, Development Management, and Land Estate Valuations.  He has provided long term services such as General Manager Property to private property groups with over $400 million in net assets.  He has extensive experience in selling homes and land subdivisions in various areas of Metropolitan Perth and has a strong commercial relationship with most of Perth’s major builders which is pertinent to the successful marketing and sale phase of Land Estates.

Jeremy is in bona fide control of GPA Residential real estate services.




Marketing Manager

Joanne completed studies including a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance / Economics) and a Post Graduate Diploma through Finsia.  She is well versed in corporate governance and most recently was an Investment Advisor in Superannuation and Equities at Hartleys.  Joanne has 6 years of experience in property contract administration and is the conduit between buyer, builder, finance broker and settlement agent for contract administration.



Contracts Administration 



Contracts Administration Manager


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